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August 20, 2013
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Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio Urges Caution Before Placing Police Officers in Schools

Columbus, OH – At a time when many Ohio school districts are grappling with budgets to 

pay for police officers – also called School Resource Officers – the Children’s Defense FundOhio urges school administrators to step back and consider the facts.

Data show that the presence of police officers in schools increases the likelihood that children 

in those schools will be arrested for minor, non-violent disciplinary matters such as talking 

back, dress code violations, and other issues that are better left to educators to address. In an

issue brief published today, CDF-Ohio describes why increasing arrests of students 

contributes to pushing children out of school and into the juvenile justice system. Increased 

arrest rates negatively affect school safety and security by creating a negative school climate.

“We hope that school districts and communities will view this issue brief as a resource and 

consider the data before making decisions about their School Resource Officer programs,” 

says Renuka Mayadev, Executive Director of Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio.

For Ohio school districts that already have police officers in their school buildings, the issue 

brief also describes promising models and practices in place across the country that minimize 

the risks associated with integrating police officers into school buildings. 

Highlights include:

• Crafting a clear, detailed memorandum of understanding between the school and the 

police department.

• Ensuring high quality, consistent data collection and monitoring of the impact of the 

presence of School Resource Officers.

• Ensuring that School Resource Officers receive extensive training.

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