Ohio's Cradle to Prison Pipeline®

CDF-Ohio has been a leader in the State of Ohio in calling for changes to policies and practices in our schools and other institutions that push children in to the juvenile justice system.

CDF-Ohio believes that children must stay in school and must receive the support, services, and resources they need in school to achieve, both academically and socially.

End Harsh School Discipline

Our issue brief on the impact of school discipline policies on the Cradle to Prison Pipeline® in November 2012 showed, for the first time in Ohio, how the overuse of out-of-school suspension and expulsion is directly linked to children entering our juvenile justice system as a direct result of their treatment in our state’s schools. As a result, Ohio educators and policymakers are now starting to take notice and demand an end to the school to prison pipeline. CDF-Ohio continues to work tirelessly to ensure that Ohio children stay in school, and are treated with dignity and fairness in school, so that theirs will be paths to success, not prison.

Ensure that School Resource Officers Serve a Positive Role in Schools

National research shows that children in schools that are served by School Resource Officers (SROs, or police officers in schools) are more likely to be arrested in school for engaging in minor misbehavior. CDF-Ohio issued a strong call in our 2013 issue brief for Ohio schools to examine the practices of their SROs and to adopt guidelines that ensure that SROs serve a positive role in their school communities. As a result of this work, CDF-Ohio has been invited by the Ohio School Resource Officers Association to present at its annual trainings for SROs in 2014 and 2015.