Ohio Juvenile Justice Alliance Fact Sheet Series

In recent months, talk in Ohio and nationwide has focused on strengthening the economy as well as building trust and relationships between communities and the justice system.  At the center of these two issues are Ohio’s most important asset – youth – who are a part of our communities both now and as they grow up.

Each year nearly 100,000 Ohio youth go through Ohio’s juvenile court system for delinquency and status offense cases.  Research over the past decade has shown what works to give these youth opportunities to start and stay on a path to becoming positive members of our communities instead of remaining system-involved.

To facilitate a discussion around these youth, the Ohio Juvenile Justice Alliance (OJJA) has created a fact sheet series on Ohio’s juvenile justice system.  Each fact sheet examines a slice of the system and includes 1) national research and best practices on keeping youth on the right track and 2) a snapshot on Ohio’s current practices on:

  • Points of contact Ohio’s children have with the juvenile justice system, including prevention, diversion, community-based alternatives to incarceration, community control facilities, detention, correctional facilities, reentry and adult court.

  • Special issues/populations in Ohio’s juvenile justice system, including attorney access, the school-to-prison-pipeline, specialty courts, girls, crossover youth (children involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems), youth with behavioral health challenges, and Latino, African-American, and LGBTI children.  

Fact Sheets