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New Abolitionist Association

  • Artists For Children

    We are calling on all artists to combat oppression with expression! Get more information here!

  • Free Yo Mind! Hip-Hop Project

    Turn up for justice! Click here if you want to put your lyrics to good use in the community!

  • Project Green Thumb

    To make sure you and your peers help your community get a healthy start, click here!

  • United Against Violence

    Join us at a free community concert featuring local youth performers! Get detials here!

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Joseph Worthy

National Coordinator of Youth Leadership and Development
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What will you do for the future of our children?

A black boy born in 2001 has a 1 in 3 chance of going to prison, a Latino boy 1 in 6. This doesn’t happen on accident. There are things that drive these numbers. In aggregate we call it the Cradle to Prison Pipeline®.  The New Abolitionist will work to dismantle the Cradle to Prison Pipeline ® through addressing the issues that fuel the pipeline including: Pervasive poverty, Health Care Access, Gaps in Early Childhood Education, Disparate Educational Opportunities, Intolerable Abuse and Neglect, Unmet Mental and Emotional Problems, Rampant Substance Abuse, Overburdened, Ineffective Juvenile Justice System, Student Loan Debt and Environmental Injustice. We will do this through a well thought out and deliberate structure that makes sure everyone’s voice is heard on the issues and everyone can step up as a leader.

We are a coalition of concerned college students and other young adults from across Ohio. Our membership is a make-up of young people from college campuses, congregations, youth leadership programs and other community associations. We cover all races, creeds, viewpoints and socio-economic status. Our diversity is our strength.

The New Abolitionist Association is an unrelenting voice for ourselves and our children. We do not genuflect to any political party or institution. We are an association that will hold accountable all persons in leadership or entities of power that effect our nation's youth negatively.