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The CDFBeat the Odds program honors outstanding high school students who have overcome tremendous adversity, demonstrated academic excellence and given back to their communities. Started in 1990, the program identifies and rewards young people who have experienced significant hardship in their lives and supports and trains them to become future leaders in adulthood. CDF holds six high-profile awards events to send a clear signal that someone does care and understand what it takes to stay in school and do well while coping with adversity in their personal lives. This year’s honors programs are being held in California, Washington D.C., Texas, Minnesota, New York, and Ohio. Not only do these awards events celebrate the scholarship recipients, they also are meant to inspire community leaders and citizens who want to help children struggling to overcome adversity. CDF encourages you to attend one of these events and learn more about how you can help support outstanding high school students.

The annual Beat the Odds celebration helps to raise awareness about the significant challenges facing Ohio's children and the need for continued investment and advocacy. The individual experiences and stories of the young people honored at the dinner inform CDF's ongoing efforts to shape policies and change the odds for all children. As CDF's only annual fundraiser, the dinner also raises needed funding to sustain the organization's ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of all the children of Ohio who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves.

We are pleased to introduce our 2015 Beat The Odds Scholarship recipients as we honor them tonight at our annual celebration.

Ayriq Sims Alberto Jones Walter Thompson Kaylyn Sigman Britiny Lee

Get to know our 2015 Beat the Odds Honorees.

Special thanks to 2012 Beat the Odds Scholarship recipient, Joshua Jenkins, for helping to welcome and honor the 2015 Beat the Odds Scholarship recipients.

Watch his video and learn more about Joshua Jenkins.

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Thanks to everyone who attended and supported our 2014 celebration! We look forward to seeing you on April 22, 2015!


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The courageous stories of our scholarship winners help to raise awareness and provide inspiration for others facing similar challenges.