Dan's First Page


This is where I would write cool things, like how awesome CDF-TX and it's communications team are.

There might even be some wild grpahics, or links to other pages or even to external sites (OH SNAP!)

Here's a link to Anat's page, since there doesn't seem to be an index page to link to at the moment...

Watch out for images!  (note: there would be a photo or logo or something here if there were any in the assets folder for me to use.  but there aren't.  mrph)

But we can have images other ways (oh no he didn't!)  Here comes a picture of me and my adorable cat the first time we met at the SPCA, which I am uploading from the desktop AND adding to the assets folder AT THE SAME TIME (woo!).

 This image would have a caption under it, except that the "Image w/ Caption" template is not available in the drop-down menu withing Image Layout (boo!)




















Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, TABLES! (with adjusted widths, more rows inserted, and different colored and sized cells! AHHHHHH!)

And I made this a heading, because I am that freaking awesome...